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Hastings Public Library

Thank You Donors

The generous support of the community helped construct the Library in 2007 and enables us to provide the best services possible year after year. Here are some of the larger projects donors have helped the Library with in the past.

Donation Annual Reports

2023 Window Replacement

An unfortunate design flaw in the original building windows forced a replacement project that commenced fundraising in 2022. Many generous donors gave over $700,000, adding to the $300,000 the Library Board set aside for the project.

The project began in October 2023 and wrapped up as of the end of February 2024 for everything except landscaping which was complete in May 2024.

2022 Newspaper Digitization

With money raised at the end of 2021, and additional funds received in 2022, HPL began work on digitizing the Hastings Banner. We expected the funds raised to cover that cost with a bit left over.

The generosity of the community overwhelmed us as a single donor offered to pay for all of the Banner costs, leaving the original amount untouched. The Nashville Historical Society then raised money to cover the costs of digitizing the Nashville News, again leaving the original amount untouched.

With the remaining funds, we began digitizing the Middleville Sun & News and had most of the Maple Valley News digitized. The Sun & News went online in early 2024 and the Maple Valley News in April 2024.

See all of the digitized newspapers and other local history material on the Barry County History Portal.

2018 Book Staircase

In 2018, we decided to dress up our staircase after seeing other libraries with book titles on their stair risers. Generous donations from numerous patrons helped cover the cost of the appliques. For their donation, each patron was allowed to choose a book title.

Printing was done by VIP Decals. Staff did most of the installation and the stairs were then cleaned and sealed by Customized Cleaning Services Inc.

Lower Stairs Upper Stairs

Stair Sponsor List

2006/07 - Sponsor a Brick

When the Library was constructed in 2007 as a new permanent location after vacating the old Post Office on Church Street, donors helped fund the project by sponsoring bricks located outside the north entrance.

  • See the Bricks map - coming soon