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Hastings Public Library

How Do I Get a Library Card

Library Service Area

The Hastings Public Library (HPL) is directly supported through taxes/millage by the City of Hastings, Rutland Charter Township and Hastings Charter Township (our service area), but ultimately serves the larger surrounding geographic area as well.

Card Requirements

Anyone may use the library's computers (no ID or library card required), attend programs or use our facility, but only patrons living in or owning property in our service area can obtain standard library cards.

To get a regular HPL library card, patrons must:

  • Live in the City of Hastings, Rutland Charter Township or Hastings Charter Township, or
  • Own property in these three areas, even if they live elsewhere, and
  • Provide proof of residency or property ownership in our service area.

A current Michigan Drivers License, Michigan Identification Card, or Resident Alien Card documenting identity and current street address is needed to create a library card account. If these are not available, two of the following form of ID can be accepted:

  • One ID must be photographic. Acceptable IDs include passports, military ID, employment ID, school ID and out of state drivers licenses.
  • The second ID must show residency in our service area. Acceptable documents include a voter registration card, postal change of address card, recent utility bill, insurance card, auto registration, a printed check or a property tax bill.

Anyone aged 5-17 is considered a juvenile and can also obtain a library card.

  • A parent/legal guardian normally must request the card and will be responsible for the account until the juvenile turns 18.
  • If a parent/guardian cannot come to the library, we also have a Restricted Student Card available. Talk to library staff for more information.

Getting a Card

If you live in the City of Hastings, Hastings Charter Township or Rutland Charter Township, apply in one of three ways:

  • Preferred: Apply online through our partner Patron Point.
    • Get confirmation of your card in minutes and instantly access digital content or start browsing our catalog to place holds.
    • Note you will not receive a physical library card. 
    • If you want a physical card, we can issue one for free but it will have a different number than what Patron Point issued to you.
  • Bring ID as described above to the library during normal business hours and we will be happy to issue a library card to you. The process takes only a few minutes.

If getting a card for juveniles, they do not need to be present.

What if I Don't Live in the Service Area?

If you live outside our area and do not have a library card from another library in the Lakeland Library Cooperative, you can purchase a non-resident card. See the Non-Resident page for more information.

Renewing Library Cards

HPL library cards expire every two years and must be renewed. Automatic Renewal for Adult cards started in early 2024.

  • If the system can validate the information we already have, you will be renewed on the expiration date and receive email confirmation.
  • If the system cannot auto-renew, you will get an email asking you to come to the library. Bring your card and your drivers license to the library so we can check your information against our records and renew your card.

Juvenile, Institutional, Student and Non-Resident cards cannot auto-renew and must be done in-person.

You can also renew cards through the mobile app.

Note: expired cards cannot check out items or access digital downloads.

If your card has expired and you are trying to access digital content, call us and we will try to assist.

Replacement Library Cards

If you card has been lost, stolen or perhaps eaten by the dog, do not fret. Bring your ID to the library and we can issue a new card to you.

Note: there is a $2 charge for replacement cards.