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Hastings Public Library

How Do I Request Items


Items can be requested from Hastings Public Library (HPL), any library within the Lakeland Library Cooperative (LLC) and from over 400 libraries across Michigan via MeLCat.

Note: Non-resident library card holders can only request holds on items owned by HPL.

What Can Be Requested?

Item availability varies from library to library but:

  • Most books not classified as reference can be requested.
  • DVDs, audiobooks and CDs are also usually available but some libraries restrict these.
  • HPL patrons can only request books through MeL, no audio/video items can be shipped in.
  • Magazines and other non-printed materials are also not typically available to request.

Note: Items classified at any specific LLC library as NEW cannot be sent to other libraries for 6 months from when the item was first setup in their system.

How Long Does it Take to get My Hold?

Items coming from an LLC library typically arrive at HPL in 7-10 days. If the item is currently checked out to other patrons or if there is a waiting list for the item, it can take much longer, even weeks/months.

Items from MeL should generally take 7-14 days to receive.

Request With the Mobile App

Install our mobile app to manage your account and request items.

Request Outside the Library

From any internet connected computer, table or smartphone, go to the LLC Online Catalog. Search by title, author or keyword. Once you have results, filter by type of material such as books or DVD as well as specific library if desired.

If an item is available, once you view the details you will see which libraries have the item and can request to put it on hold. You will need your library card # and PIN to finalize the hold.

If what you searched for isn't available within LLC, go to the bottom of the search screen and click on 'Discover more resources'.

picture of lobrary catalog website showing how to search in MelCat

Then click on Search under MEL to see if it exists in the MeLCat system. If it does, you can also request it there. Again you need your library card # and PIN.

All hold requests are sent to your home library. You will receive an email or automated phone call once the item arrives. Sign up for the Shoutbomb text service (PDF) to get text alerts when holds are ready.

Request Inside the Library

HPL offers three dedicated computer stations for searching the catalog. One is in adult non-fiction, one is in adult fiction, and the third is in children's books. Any public computer can also be used once you log in.

Ask Us for Help

If you cannot find what you want online or cannot access the internet, feel free to call or stop in the library and we are happy to help. We will need your library card number to place any holds.