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Hastings Public Library

How Do I Renew My Library Card

Regular Adult Library Cards

There are two ways a regular adult library card can be renewed:

  1. Automatically: Our system will attempt to renew all adult library cards automatically on the expiration date. If the account has a valid email address, there are no fines $10 or greater, and the card holder can be verified to live at the address on the account, renewal will be automatic.
    1. Emails will be sent 30 days and 7 days from expiration alerting the account holder to the upcoming renewal. No action is required.
    2. If automatic renewal is unsuccessful, the account holder will be emailed to come in to the Library for assistance.
  2. In Person at the Library.

Juvenile Cards

These can be renewed by the parent or legal guardian in person at the Library.

Student and Non-Resident Cards

These can only be renewed in person at the Library.