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Hastings Public Library

Library Card Request

Use this form to request a library card to access our digital content. Physical items can be checked out after the card is picked up with ID. Request a card through our mobile app to get full access sooner.

Request a card through our mobile app to get quicker access to both digital and physical content without having to immediately come to the library.

The Hastings Public Library wants to help patrons in our service area get access to physical and digital resources. Anyone living in the City of Hastings, Hastings Charter Township or Rutland Charter Township who does not have one already, can request a library card in order to get access to our digital content.

Note: non-residents living outside the City and two townships can request a non-resident card which costs $25 per quarter. For more information, go to the Non-Resident Library Card page.


If you use the below form, only digital access is available until you come to the library

Overdrive/Libby, RBDigital, and Hoopla combined offer tens of thousands of downloads for movies, books, audiobooks, comic books and more.

Fill out the form below to request a digital access only library card. Please note:

  1. This card can only be used to access the three digital services of Overdrive/Libby, RBDigital, and Hoopla.
  2. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian request the card.
  3. Come to the library with your ID to pick up the physical library card. We will then activate it for two years with full access to check out physical materials in addition to digital content.

Adult/Juvenile   Is this card for an adult or a juvenile under 18 years of age? Note Juveniles require a parent or guardian to set up an account.

Relationship Complete if requesting for a juvenile.

Birth Date   If requesting for a juvenile, use their birth date here.
/ /  

Please allow 2 business days for processing of your request.

If you have questions after submitting the library card request form, please use the Contact Us form or email us at

Someone from the library will contact you once your new library card has been activated.

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