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2023 Tax Forms Availability

2023 Tax Forms Availability

2023 Tax Forms Have Started to Arrive

Below are the forms the Library currently has. You can pick them up in the copy room.

As shipments come in, this message will be updated.
Please note that we cannot control what the IRS and State of Michigan send or when. We expect Michigan 1040 and home heating credit will arrive soon, but have no ETA.

Available Forms:

  • Federal 1040 Individual (English and Spanish)
  • Federal 1040 Instruction Booklets (English only)
  • Federal 1040 Senior (English and Spanish)


If you need tax preparation assistance, VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) may be able to help. Call the United Way for questions and appointments at 269-945-4010.

Message updated Wednesday 1/24/24
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Window Project Updates

Latest News:

2/16/24: The last windows are about to be done at the south entrance and above it. The south entry will be inaccessible. The north parking lot and Michigan Room are now open.

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