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Teen Policy

The Hastings Public Library Teen Room is a space in the community for teenagers to spend time while feeling safe and welcome. The social nature and unique characteristics of this age group require a separate space designed for their needs.

Patrons of all ages utilizing the teen room are expected to follow the Library Code of Conduct.

Patrons of all ages are welcome to browse and check out materials from the Teen Room. However, the space is for patrons in 6th through 12th grades. Adults or children not accompanied by a teen are expected to find seating, computers and work space elsewhere in the library. The library reserves the right to ask these patrons to leave the Teen Room at any time.

Appropriate activities for the Teen Room include: reading; studying; doing homework; working on school projects; using computers in an appropriate manner, as defined by our internet use policy: appropriate recreation and communication. Covered drinks are allowed, except by the computers.

Teens are expected to respect the overall library environment, and may not engage in activities or communications that disrupt other library users or staff. All other library policies apply to the Teen Room. The library reserves the right to limit the use of the library by teens who, in the judgment of the library staff, are infringing upon the rights of other library users by inappropriate behavior.

Teen Room Guidelines

  1. Teens shall respect each other, library staff and other patrons in word and action.
  2. The Teen Area should be used only for its intended purposes, therefore, no rough housing, no running, no hitting, no spitting, no public displays of affection, and no swearing or abusive language will be permitted.
  3. Verbal or physical abuse of staff or patrons such as cursing, rude or demeaning comments, talking back to library staff or customers, hitting, biting, kicking, punching, teasing other patrons or similar behaviors are not permitted.
  4. Any behavior considered aggressive by the staff may result in the police being notified and further actions may be taken.
  5. Vandalism, theft or damage of library property or to library grounds is a legal matter and the police will be notified.

Teens in violation of the Teen Room Policy or the library’s Code of Conduct and Responsibilities will be given a warning. Extreme behavior or repeated violations may result in the loss of library privileges and the teen may be required to be accompanied by an adult when on library property.

Approved by the Library Board April 1, 2019

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