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Hastings Public Library

Policies Regarding Children

Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior while in the library or on library property and will be held responsible for damage to library property caused by their children.  The library cannot be used as a substitute for appropriate adult supervision of children even into their teen years.  This responsibility is not abridged if the parent or guardian is not present in the library with their child.

Unattended Children Policy

It is the parent’s or caregiver’s responsibility to review and understand Library Policy and be aware of the Library’s business hours.

Children 8 years old and younger shall be accompanied at all times by a designated responsible person. A designated responsible person for this age group can be a parent, adult caregiver or a responsible teen 13 years old or older.

At the discretion of the designated responsible person, children 9 years or older may be left unattended for the period of time needed to select materials, complete homework assignments, or attend library programs. Children in this age group are required to know the phone number where parents or caregivers can be reached during their Library visit. A designated responsible person for this age group can be a parent or caregiver.

Children in all age groups shall be picked up from the Library prior to closing time. If at the closing a child is left at the Library without an adult caregiver, the staff is instructed to contact the police.

Library Cards

Children must be five years old in order to receive a library card. Registration must be completed by a parent or guardian who will be responsible for materials borrowed, fees assessed, and fines accrued.

Approved by the Library Board April 20, 2009; Amended October 15, 2012, Amended July 15, 2013, Amended December 16, 2013, Amended March 2, 2015, Amended January 2, 2018, Amended March 2019