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Display Space

General Purpose and Usage

The Hastings Public Library offers a limited amount of display space in the library for individuals and groups to educate, inform or engage the community. Public display areas are not intended as public forums for public speech and expression but should be used to enhance the library’s mission to provide a gathering place connecting people with resource and opportunities to explore, imagine, and grow.

Display space is open for displays of interest to the general public at any time that the library staff does not need the space for programming and services displays.

Patrons displaying items in the library will be asked to sign a Display Agreement. This form is not available online.

Display Spaces

Display spaces include:

  • Glass enclosed cases at the north entrance.
  • Tabletop cases usually placed at the Information Desk and oversize books.
  • Bulletin boards located near the public restrooms on the first floor, next to the study room, near the Information desk and in the copy room.

The Library reserves the right to move, add or remove display cases or limit public access if the space is needed in support of library programming or services.

Display Space Management

A designated Library staff member manages the display cases and an annual calendar of usage. The Circulation Supervisor manages bulletin board spaces and ultimately owns the display cases as well and the display process.

Requests for display case usage will be reviewed by the Circulation Supervisor with ultimate authority for space approval residing with the Library Director when necessary.

The circulation Supervisor places and removes all notices on internal bulletin boards.

Requesting Space

Display case space can be requested by individuals, non-profit groups or for-profit entities.

Space can be requested for 30 day time-frames. Requests for more or less time will be evaluated based on availability as indicated on the display calendar.

The staff member will evaluate the request, review with the Circulation Supervisor as needed and contact the requestor with further questions and an approval or reason why the request cannot be granted.

Displays must be put up/taken down in designated time-frames and during normal library hours.

Bulletin Board space can be requested at any time. Items to be placed are left for the Circulation Supervisor for evaluation.

Display Criteria

Case displays can include any item that fits in the display area including, but not limited to: books, signs, flags, artwork, toys, magazines, musical instruments and electronic items.

Displayed items should be appropriate for all ages. The Library will not remove items from display solely due to members of the public objecting to its content. The Library does reserve the right to remove items not deemed appropriate for public display and/or not in support of the library’s mission.

Displays can include information cards/signs about the items as well as the name of the individual/group/company displaying.

Displays may not include:

  • Pricing
  • Specific contact information (i.e. websites, phone numbers)

The library will provide shelving for glass cases and when possible, plastic stands to assist in displaying items. All other display accessories must be provided by the displayer and may need approval by library staff depending on size, weight and appearance.

Items displayed on Bulletin Boards should be locally focused and generally non-profit in nature. Approved items can include job postings or service offerings if space allows.

Items will generally be displayed for 2 weeks but can remain longer if space allows.

Individual or company business cards may be placed by the public on the bulletin board in the copy room without prior approval but can be removed at the discretion of Library staff.

Insurance and Liability

The individual or organization displaying agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Hastings, the Hastings Public Library, its employees and the Board of Trustees from liability in case of theft, vandalism, fire or any other loss or damage to the exhibited materials. If the exhibitor desires insurance, they must arrange for it at their own expense.

The library cannot provide storage for displayed items before or after the designated display time-frame.

The individual or organization may be held liable for repairs to the Library that are a direct result of damages caused by a display or by its installation or removal.

Patrons displaying items in the library will be asked to sign a Display Agreement. This form is not available online.

Approved by the Library Board February 2019

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