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Hastings Public Library

Circulation Policy

The circulation policies of the Hastings Public Library facilitate community access to the materials and information in the library's collections, while protecting these same collections.  The Hastings Public Library is a member of the Lakeland Library Cooperative and as a member of this cooperative abides by the Circulation Policies that were adopted by the Cooperative Board July 10, 2010. 

In addition to the Cooperative’s minimum requirements for obtaining a library card, these requirements will apply to Hastings Public Library patron registrations:

  • Library cards cannot be issued to minors whose parent/guardian(s) library account is in collections.
  • Library cards will be issued to minors who are at least five years old or attending kindergarten.

In addition to the Cooperative’s statements on lost materials the following time-frames will apply to Hastings Public Library circulation transactions:

  • Six months after the item is lost and paid it will become status withdrawn, and we will no longer offer a refund if the patron finds the item – it is theirs to keep. 
  • After an item has been missing for 12 months, it will become status withdrawn. 
  • Twelve months after items have been billed they will be withdrawn.  The billing charge and information remains on the patron’s record.

Amended by the Library Board August 31, 2015