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New Items as of June 24, 2022

A frequently updated listing of new items available at HPL
New Items as of June 24, 2022

This list of new items is updated frequently as new items become available.

Where possible, all items are linked to the online catalog. If an item is not linked, it is not yet in the online catalog; contact the library directly to place a hold.

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June 24, 2022

Adult Fiction Love Marriage book  Shadows of Foxworth book  Out of the Attic book  The Fallen Architect book  The Lost Carousel of Provence book  Never A Duke book  The Bladed Faith book  Magpie book  Gallows Court book  A Lady's Guide to Etiquette and Murder book  The Murder of Mr. Wickham book  Book Lovers book  When the Day Comes book  Kaikeyi book  Geiger book  The Dictionary of Lost Words book
Adult Fiction Large Print Meet Me in the Margins  Present Danger book  Sea Glass Cottage book  When Blood Lies book  A Light Beyond the Trenches book  The Violent Storm book  Love in the Time of Bertie book  Blood on the Trail book  American Odyssey book  Murder at the Royal Botanic Gardens book  All These Ashes book  Dark Night book  Operation Joktan book
Adult Non-Fiction The Puzzler book  The Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando 2022 book  Trailed book  These Precious Days book
Biography Where the Children Take Us book  Deaf Utopia book Tom Stoppard book  Because Our Fathers Lied book  Magic Season book
Juvenile Biography Dragon Bones book  Blast Off! book
Juvenile Fiction Doggo and Pupper Save the World book  Consider the Octopus book  Quint and Dirk's Hero Quest book  Aru Shah and the Nectar of Immortality book  The Marvellers book  Charlie Thorne and the Curse of Cleopatra book  Alice Austen Lived Here book  Treasure Hunters book  Mr. Lemoncello's Very First Game book  The 143-story Treehouse book  Shinji Takahashi and the Mark of the Coatl book  Small Town Pride book  Room to Dream book  Three Keys book
Juvenile Graphic Birds of Prey book  Wingbearer book  The Tower of Time book  On Purpose book
Juvenile Non-Fiction Your Money book  Disney Princess Tea Parties book  Trains Can Float book  Life in Extreme Places book  Sensational Senses book  The Deadliest Hurricanes Then and Now book  The National Parks Preserving America's Wild Places book  Myths and Legends book  Kings and Queens book  Pyramids book  Minecraft Guide to Creative book  National Geographic Kids Almanac 2023 book  Kings of the Oceans book  Packing for Mars for Kids book  Killer Plants book  Hidden Soldiers and Spies book  Family Money book  Buildings book
Picture Books Reach for the Stars book  A Good Place book  Some Daddies book  Whistling for Angela book  Little Houses book  Thao book  The Unicorn and the Brave Princess book  Not Quite Narwhal book  Perfectly Pegasus book  Don't Worry, Murray book  Punky Aloha book  Big Truck, Little Island book  I Really Want to Be First! book
Teen Fiction Hollow Fires book  Feather and Flame book  A Million Quiet Revolutions book  Howl book  Forging Silver Into Stars book  Family of Liars book  I Must Betray You book
Teen Graphic Messy Roots book  Whistle book
Teen Non-Fiction Spearhead book

June 10, 2022

Adult Fiction When Women Were Dragons book  Lady Clementine book  Book of Night book  The Lioness book  The Sugarcreek Surprise book  Trust book  Sparring Partners book  The Sacred Bridge book  Nettle & Bone book  Sustaining Faith book  Overboard book  22 Seconds book  The Book Woman's Daughter book  The Bone Shard Emperor book
Adult Fiction Large Print Threads of Hope book
Adult Non-Fiction The Palace Papers book  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Guided Journal book  90 Days to CEO book  13 Ways to Kill your Community book  Free Two Years, Six Lives, and the Long Journey Home book  The Bin Laden Papers book  Marketing Made Simple book  In Bloom book  Devotions book  When The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing book  American Schism book
Adult Non-Fiction Large Print 30 Minute Meals book  Fall Baking BOOK  Half Homemade book  Simple and Delicious book  One-Dish Meals book
Biography Here's the Deal book  Lily's Promise book   Play It Right book  The Chancellor book
DVD and or Blu-Ray The Outfit dvd  Spider-Man No Way Home dvd  The Batman dvd  The Handmaid's Tale Season Four dvd
Teen Fiction River book  An Arrow to the Moon book  Bravely book  Hotel Magnifique  Youngbloods book  The Most Dazzling Girl in Berlin book

May 16, 2022

Adult Fiction Girls Like Us book  Hook, Line, and Sinker book  Elevator Pitch book  I'll Be You book  In the Face of the Sun book  Of No Value: A Police Officer in a Decaying Culture book  The Masterpiece book  An Anonymous Girl book  Xstabeth book  Pretty as A Picture book  The Wolf Wants in book  Darling Girl book  The Good Left Undone book
Adult Fiction Large Print Listening Still book  The Darkest Place book  Not So Innocent Bystanders book
Adult Non-Fiction Influence book  Radical Candor book  Crushing It! book
Adult Non-Fiction Large Print When A Killer Calls book
Biography Bomb Shelter book
Juvenile Fiction Where the Sky Lives book
Picture Books How to Grow A Monster book
Teen Biography Close up on War book

April 22, 2022

Adult Fiction Dream Town  The Atlas Six book  Wild Women and the Blues book  Give Unto Others book  House of Sky and Breath book  Savvy Sheldon Feels Good as Hell book  In A Garden Burning Gold book  The Secret Letter book  The Investigator book  High Stakes book  Beautiful book
Adult Fiction Large Print Caramel Pecan Roll Murder book  Murder in Connemara book  Must Love Books book
Adult Non-Fiction Large Print The First Survivors of Alzheimer's book  Child of Light book
Biography White Lies book
DVD Sing 2 dvd
Juvenile Non-Fiction Africa, Amazing Africa book  When the World Runs Dry book  The Adventures of Dr. Sloth book  Thomas Crapper, Corsets and Cruel Britannia book  Royals, Rebels, and Horrible Headchoppers book  Stinky Animals book  Slimy Animals book  Undercover Animals - Higgins, Nadia Undercover Animals book  Freaky Science Discoveries book  Freaky Stories From Beneath the Sea book  Venomous Animals book  Electric Animals book  In Harm's Way book
Picture Books This Is the Boat That Ben Built book  JOHN'S TURN book  Apple and Magnolia book  Pretty Perfect Kitty-corn book  The Rhino Suit book  At Home book  Nature book  Animals book  Letters to Live by book  The History of Me book  Girl Dad book  Wildfire! book
Teen Graphic War book

April 19, 2022

Adult Fiction The Candy House book  Take My Hand book
Adult Fiction Large Print Drawn by the Current book  With Love From London book  Death & Texas book  A Fine Madness book  Line of Sight book  An Invincible Summer book
Audio The Mad Women's Ball audiobook  Run, Rose, Run audiobook
DVD King Richard DVD  Spencer DVD  West Side Story DVD
Early Reader The Bad Seed Goes to the Library book
Juvenile Fiction The Ogress and the Orphans book  Once Upon A Tim book  Happily Ever After Rescue Team book  Captain Underpants and the Sensational Saga of Sir Stinks-A-Lot book
Juvenile Graphic Gabby Gets It Together book  Beware of Low-flying Corn Muffins book  The Aquanaut book  Unicorn Famous book  Camping With Unicorns book  Virtual Unicorn Experience book  The Unicorn Whisperer book  Blackrat's Treasure book
Juvenile Non-Fiction Feasts and Festivals Around the World book
Picture Books Bake Infinite Pie With X + Y book  Color the Sky book  In You I See book  Moving Words About A Flower book  This Book Will Get You to Sleep! book  Powwow Day book
Teen Fiction Trapped book
Teen Graphic Shino Can't Say Her Name book

April 6, 2022

Adult Fiction A Family Affair book  Perfect Tunes book  The Secrets We Share book  The Unspoken Name book  Portrait of a Thief book  SEA OF TRANQUILITY book  What Happened to the Bennetts book  Count the Nights by Stars book  This Weightless World book
Adult Fiction Large Print The Winter Rose book  Bullet for A Ranger book  An Unreliable Truth book  The Hawthorne School book    Sunrise book
Adult Non-Fiction The Great Reset book  North American Maps for Curious Minds book  Empire of the Scalpel book  Stretching Exercises for Seniors book
Biography The Nazis Knew My Name book
Juvenile Fiction Falling Short book  The School for Whatnots book  The Grave Thief book  Those Kids From Fawn Creek book  Pilar Ramirez and the Escape From Zafa book  New From Here book
Juvenile Graphic Gina and the Big Secret book
Juvenile Non-Fiction Magic Tricks With Science book  Hippos Can't Swim book  The Big Book of Monsters book  The Problem With Early Flying Machines book  Northern Lights book
Picture Books Oona and the Shark book  King Sejong Invents An Alphabet book  The Digger and the Duckling book  "Smile," Says Little Crocodile book  Kitanai and Lazy Lizard Get Fit book  The People Remember book
Teen Biography Augusta Savage book
Teen Fiction The Words in My Hands book  Cinder & Glass book  When You Get the Chance book  Gallant book  All My Rage book

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