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New Items as of March 4, 2021

A frequently updated listing of new items available at HPL
New Items as of  March 4, 2021

We try to keep everyone updated on new items that can be requested. This list will be updated frequently as new items become available.

Where possible, all items are linked to the online catalog. If an item is not linked, it is not yet in the online catalog; contact the library directly to place a hold.

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March 4, 2021

Author Title Category
Wallace, MD, Daniel J.  The Lupus Book Adult Non-Fiction
Bradford, Wade and Britt, S. Mr. Complain Takes the Train JE (Picture Books)
de la Pena, Matt Milo Imagines the World JE (Picture Books)
Fox, Mem and Davenier, Christine Early One Morning JE (Picture Books)
Harkness, Andy Wolfboy JE (Picture Books)
Ho, Joanna Eyes that Kiss in the Corners JE (Picture Books)
Hodgson, Rob When Cloud Became a Cloud JE (Picture Books)
Hong, Leah Happy Dreams, Little Bunny JE (Picture Books)
Houppert, Anne Marie What About X? An Alphabet Adventure JE (Picture Books)
Parr, Todd The Spring Book JE (Picture Books)
Parsley, Elise How to Catch a Clover Thief JE (Picture Books)
Stead, Philip Follow That Frog! JE (Picture Books)
Sterer, Gideon The Midnight Fair JE (Picture Books)
Kann, Victoria Pinkalicious Happy Birthday JER (Early Reader)
Parish, Herman Amelia Bedelia Steps Out JER (Early Reader)
Marinov, Isabelle The Boy Whose Head Was Filled with Stars Juvenile Bio
Scott, Jordan and Smith, Sydney I Talk Like a River Juvenile Coping
Gratz, Alan Ground Zero Juvenile Fiction
Patterson, James Middle School Field Trip Fiasco Juvenile Fiction
Dufresne, Emilie Play Like a Girl Basketball Juvenile Non-Fiction
Ignatofsky, Rachel What's Inside a Flower? And other questions about sceince and Nature Juvenile Non-Fiction
Weatherford, Carole Boston and Cooper, Floyd Unspeakable: The Tulsa Race Massacre Juvenile Non-Fiction
Riggs, Ransom The Desolations of Devil's Acre: The 6th Novel of Miss Peregrines's Peculiar Children Teen Fiction
Shusterman, Neal Game Changer Teen Fiction
Tarshis, Lauren I Survived the Nazi Invasion, 1944 Teen Graphic
Braun, Eric Surviving Social Media Teen Non-Fiction

February 25, 2021

Author Title Category
Dunmore, Evie A Rogue of One's Own Adult Fiction
Burton, Jeffrey B. The Finders Adult Fiction
Mallery, Susan the vineyard at painted moon Adult Fiction
Soule, Charles Light of the Jedi Adult Fiction
Fetell Lee, Ingrid Joyful Adult Non-Fiction
Kyu, Dave Campfire Stories: Tales from America's National Parks Adult Non-Fiction
Patterson, James and Eversmann, Matt Walk in My Combat Boots Adult Non-Fiction
Willberg, T.A. Marion Lane and the Midnight Murder Audio
Morris, Edmund Edison Bio
Blackall, Sophie If You Come to Earth JE (Picture Books)
Boothroyd, Jennifer Be Water-wise, Super Grover JE (Picture Books)
Cabrera, Jane The Bear went over the Mountain JE (Picture Books)
Cline-Ransome Lisa Overground Railroad JE (Picture Books)
DiPucchio, Kelly Oona JE (Picture Books)
Gerstein, Mordicai Moose, Goose, and Mouse JE (Picture Books)
Kusel, Susan The Passover Guest JE (Picture Books)
Liu , Chingyen Woodpecker Girl JE (Picture Books)
Locke, Katherine Bedtime for Superheroes JE (Picture Books)
Chadda, Sarwat City of the Plague God Juvenile Fiction
Colbert, Brandy The Only Black Girls in Town Juvenile Fiction
Kaufman, Amie The World Between Blinks Juvenile Fiction
Lane, Kathleen Pity Party Juvenile Fiction
Chin, Jason Your Place in the Universe Juvenile Non-Fiction
Dickinson, Michelle Kitchen Cabinet Science Projects Juvenile Non-Fiction
Giles, Renae COVID-19: The Science of the Coronavirus Juvenile Non-Fiction
Huddleston, Emma Ultrasound Technicians on the Job Juvenile Non-Fiction
Letts, Elizabeth The Eighty-Dollar Champion Juvenile Non-Fiction
Jones, Robert Jr. The Prophets Teen Fiction
Polonsky, Ami Spin with me Teen Fiction
Schumacher, Ashley Amelia Unabridged Teen Fiction
Summers, Courtney The Project Teen Fiction
Thomas, Aiden Cemetery Boys Teen Fiction
Wiles, Deborah Kent State Teen Fiction

February 18, 2021

Author Title Category
Brown, Rita Mae Out of Hounds Adult Fiction
Greeley, Molly The Heiress Adult Fiction
Williams, Eley The Liar's Dictionary Adult Fiction
Baron-Cohen, Simon The Pattern Seekers Adult Non-Fiction
Gupta, Sanjay Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age Adult Non-Fiction
Maddow, Rachel Bag Man: The Wild Crimes, Audacious Cover-Up & Spectacular Downfall of a Brazen Crook in the White House Adult Non-Fiction
May, Katherine Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times Adult Non-Fiction
Pitzer, Andrea Icebound Adult Non-Fiction
Payne, Les and Tamara The Dead are Arising Bio
Kirsch, Vincent X. from Archie to Zack JE (Picture Books)
Lawson, JonArno Over the Shop JE (Picture Books)
Medina, Meg Evelyn Del Rey is Moving Away JE (Picture Books)
Moore-Mallinos, Jennifer Agnes the Invisible JE (Picture Books)
Morris, Jackie The Secret of the Tattered Shoes JE (Picture Books)
Musil, Manica K.  No, I Won't JE (Picture Books)
Sayre, April Being Frog JE (Picture Books)
Berenstain, Mike The Berenstain Bears' School Talent Show JER (Early Reader)
Tougias, Michael Attacked at Sea Juvenile Non-Fiction
Atta, Dean The Black Flamingo Teen Fiction
Deonn, Tracy Legendborn Teen Fiction

February 11, 2021

Author Title Category
Quinn, Julia Bridgerton: The Duke and I Adult Fiction
Pang, Amelia Made in China Adult Non-Fiction
Patterson, James Deadly Cross Audio
Higgins. Ryan T. Spring Stinks JE (Picture Books)
Palacio, R.J. Share your Rainbow JE (Picture Books)
Bruel, Nick Bad Kitty Goes on Vacation Juvenile Graphic
Cullum, Jared Kodi Juvenile Graphic
Hale, Nathan Hazardous Tales: Blades of Freedom Juvenile Graphic
Gwynne, Penelope and O'Neill, Katie For Unicorn Lovers Only Juvenile Non-Fiction
Lowery, Mike Everything Awesome about Sharks and other Underwater Creatures Juvenile Non-Fiction
Puyabaret, Eric As it Is in Heaven Juvenile Non-Fiction
Read, Jennifer and John 50 Animals that have Been to Space Juvenile Non-Fiction
Thacher, Meg Sky Gazing Juvenile Non-Fiction
Tyler, Madeline Marsupials Juvenile Non-Fiction
Wood, John and Jones, Danielle The Museum of Phobias-The Nightmare Tour Juvenile Non-Fiction
Riordan, Rick The Heroes of Olympus: The Son of Neptune Teen Fiction
Yang, Gene Luen Superman Smashes the Klan Teen Graphic
Allman, Toney Birthright Citizenship Teen Non-Fiction
Bors, Matt Be Gay Do Comics Teen Non-Fiction
Feder, Tyler dancing at the PITY PARTY Teen Non-Fiction
Jewell, Tiffany This Book is Anti-Racist Teen Non-Fiction
Manfredi, Angie The (other) F Word Teen Non-Fiction
Skelton, Helen Wild Girl Teen Non-Fiction

February 4, 2021

Author Title Category
Dean, Abigail Girl A Adult Fiction
Hannah, Kristin The Four Winds Adult Fiction
Horowitz, Anthony Moonflower Murders Adult Fiction
Kellerman, Jonathan Serpentine Adult Fiction
Kross, Ethan Chatter: The Voice in Our Head, Why It Matters & How to Harness It Adult Non-Fiction
Roberts, Nora The Awakening Audio
Seinfeld, Jerry Is This Anything? Audio
Holler, Sue Farrel Raven, Rabbit, Deer JE (Picture Books)
Paulsen, Gary Gone to the Woods Juvenile Bio
Alston, B.B. Amari and the Night Brothers Juvenile Fiction
Ansari, Rebecca K.S. The In-Between Juvenile Fiction
Keller, Tae When You Trap a Tiger Juvenile Fiction
Korman, Gordon Unplugged Juvenile Fiction
Oliver, Lauren The Magnificent Monsters of Cedar Street Juvenile Fiction
Schmidt, Gary D. Just Like That Juvenile Fiction
Timberlake, Amy Skunk and Badger Juvenile Fiction
Kirkfield, Vivian From Here to There: Inventions that Changed the Way the World Moves Juvenile Non-Fiction
Fleming, Candace The Rise and Fall of Charles Lindbergh Teen Bio
Bryant, Elise Happily Ever Afters Teen Fiction
Chee, Traci We Are Not Free Teen Fiction
Harris, Pamela N. When You Look Like Us Teen Fiction
Henry, Katie This Will be Funny Someday Teen Fiction
Moulite, Maika & Martiza One of the Good Ones Teen Fiction
Thomas, Angie Concrete Rose Teen Fiction
Gaddy, K. R. Flowers in the Gutter Teen Non-Fiction

January 29, 2021

Author Title Category
Askaripour, Mateo Black Buck Adult Fiction
Benedict, Marie The Mystery of Mrs. Christie Adult Fiction
Benjamin, Melanie The Children's Blizzard Adult Fiction
Cleeves, Ann The Darkest Evening Adult Fiction
Cole, Alyssa When No One is Watching Adult Fiction
Cornwell, Patricia Spin Adult Fiction
Gardener, Lisa Before She Disappeared Adult Fiction
Harmel, Kristin The Book of Lost Names Adult Fiction
Kellerman, Faye The Lost Boys Adult Fiction
Koontz, Dean Elsewhere Adult Fiction
Krentz, Jayne Ann All the Colors Of Night Adult Fiction
Medie, Peace Adzo His Only Wife Adult Fiction
O'Farrell, Maggie Hamnet Adult Fiction
Parker, Robert B. (Ace Atkins) Someone to Watch Over Me Adult Fiction
Preston, Douglas and Child, Lincoln The Scorpion's Tail Adult Fiction
Shalvis, Jill The Forever Girl Adult Fiction
Steel, Danielle Neighbors Adult Fiction
Weber, David and Kennedy, Chris Into the Light Adult Fiction
Bordessa, Kris Attainable Sustainable Adult Non-Fiction
Kaplan GED Test Prep Plus 2021 Adult Non-Fiction
Montgomerie, Claire Knitting Vintage Adult Non-Fiction
Pattison, Kermit Fossil Men Adult Non-Fiction
Sauls, Scott A Gentle Answer Adult Non-Fiction
Saunders, George A Swim in a Pond in the Rain Adult Non-Fiction
Shearer, Clea and Teplin, Joanna The Home Edit Life Adult Non-Fiction
Edwin, Hill Little Comfort Audio
Haig, Matt The Midnight Library Audio
Macdonald, Helen Vesper Flights Audio
Shapiro, Ben How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps Audio
Haughton, Chris iShhh! Tenemos Un Plan JE (Picture Books)
Quintero, Isabel and Peña, Zeke Mi Papi Tiene Una Moto JE (Picture Books)
Rinker, Sherri D. and Lichtenheld, Tom Buenas noches, construcción. Buenas noches, diversión JE (Picture Books)
Farina, Katy Baby-sitters Little Sister Juvenile Graphic
Daniele, Kristina B. and Bailey, Lindsey Civil Rights Then & Now Juvenile Non-Fiction
Elliott, Alicia This Place: 150 Years Retold Teen Graphic

January 19, 2021

Author Title Category
Armstrong, Kelley A Stitch in Time Adult Fiction
Bartels, Erin All That We Carried Adult Fiction
Berg, Elizabeth The Story of Arthur Truluv Adult Fiction
Clark, Julie The Ones We Choose Adult Fiction
Cooney, Ellen One Night Two Souls Went Walking Adult Fiction
Cosby, S. A. Blacktop Wasteland Adult Fiction
Forgave, Reid Love, Zac Adult Fiction
Haig, Matt The Midnight Library Adult Fiction
Harrow, Alix E. The Once and Future Witches Adult Fiction
Hilderdrand, Elin Winter Stroll Adult Fiction
Hilderdrand, Elin Troubles in Paradise Adult Fiction
Patterson, James NYPD Red 6 Adult Fiction
Thomas, Sarah Loudin the right kind of fool Adult Fiction
Woods, Stuart Hush-Hush Adult Fiction
Allen, Danielle Cuz Adult Non-Fiction
Brushm Kathleen Racism and Anti-Racvism in the World: Before and After 1945 Adult Non-Fiction
DeYoung, Rebecca Konyndyk Glittering Voices Adult Non-Fiction
Kankimaki, Mia The Women I Think About at Night Adult Non-Fiction
Kessler, Glenn and Rizzo, Salvador and Kelly, Meg Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth Adult Non-Fiction
Rosen, Jeffrey Conversations with RBG Adult Non-Fiction
Teich, Jack Operation Jacknap Adult Non-Fiction
Vanderbilt, Tom beginners : the joy and transformative power of lifelong learning Adult Non-Fiction
Griswold, Megan The Book of Help Bio
Cornwall, Gaia Jabari Tries JE (Picture Books)
Cornwall, Gaia Jabari Jumps JE (Picture Books)
Lee, Spike and Tonya Lewis Please, Puppy, Please JE (Picture Books)
Murphy, Frank and Carla A Girl Like You JE (Picture Books)
Murphy, Frank and Carla A Boy Like You JE (Picture Books)
Chokshi, Roshani  Aru Shah and the End of Time Juvenile Fiction
Jamieson, Victoria Preparada, Lista… Ibienvenida a Clase! Juvenile Graphic
Brown, Holly Life and Culture in East and Southeast Asia Juvenile Non-Fiction
Coleman, Miriam Life and Culture in Southwest Asia and North Africa Juvenile Non-Fiction
de la Bédoyère, Camilla Curious Questions and Answers About Our Oceans Juvenile Non-Fiction
de la Bédoyère, Camilla Curious Questions and Answers About Saving the Earth Juvenile Non-Fiction
de la Bédoyère, Camilla Curious Questions and Answers About Dinosaurs Juvenile Non-Fiction
Klein, J. M. Life and Culture in Australia and the Pacific Realm Juvenile Non-Fiction
Morlock, Rachael Life and Culture in South Asia Juvenile Non-Fiction
Orr, Tamra B. and Keppeler, Jill Life and Culture in Sub-Saharan Africa Juvenile Non-Fiction
Regan, Lisa A-Maze-Ing Adventures Among the Stars Juvenile Non-Fiction
Regan, Lisa A-Maze-Ing Adventures in Asia and Australasia Juvenile Non-Fiction
Regan, Lisa A-Maze-Ing Adventures in Africa and Europe Juvenile Non-Fiction
Regan, Lisa A-Maze-Ing Adventures in North and South America Juvenile Non-Fiction
Regan, Lisa A-Maze-Ing Adventures in North and Deep Space Juvenile Non-Fiction
Regan, Lisa A-Maze-Ing Adventures in the Solar System Juvenile Non-Fiction
Rooney, Anne Curious Questions and Answers About My Body Juvenile Non-Fiction
Vink, Amanda Life and Culture in Europe Juvenile Non-Fiction
Wolf, Ryan Life and Culture in Russia and the Eurasian Republics Juvenile Non-Fiction
Condie, Ally Crossed Teen Fiction
Hunter, Erin Warriors: Darkness Within Teen Fiction
Okorafor, Nnedi Marvel: Wakanda Forever Teen Graphic
Davis, Kenneth C. Strongman: The Rise of Five Dictators and the Fall of Democracy Teen Non-Fiction
Reynolds, Jason Miles Morales Spider-Man Teen Non-Fiction

January 8, 2021

Author Title Category
Hannah, Kristin Comfort & Joy Adult Fiction
Holdt, Thilde Kold Northern Wrath Adult Fiction
Fishman, Stephen Home Business Tax Deductions Adult Non-Fiction
Nolo 101 Law Forms for Personal Use Adult Non-Fiction
Tisby, Jemar The Color of Compromise Adult Non-Fiction
Palmer, Frederick James From Podunk and Beyond Bio
Gragg, Sonya Whittaker Momma, Did You Hear the News? JE (Picture Books)
Gilligan, Paul King of the Mole People: Rise of the Slugs Juvenile Fiction
Ellenport, Craig The Story of the Detroit Lions Juvenile Non-Fiction
Kaminski, Leah Discover Chesapeake Bay Juvenile Non-Fiction
Skinner, Samantha Roblox: A Complete Guide Juvenile Non-Fiction

January 4, 2021

Author Title Category
Coulter, Catherine Deadlock Adult Fiction
Faber, Michel D: A Tale of Two Worlds Adult Fiction
Hiaasen, Carl Squeeze Me Adult Fiction
Coleman, Flynn A Human Algorithm Adult Non-Fiction
Crouch, Andy The Tech-Wise Family Adult Non-Fiction
Feiler, Bruce Life is in the Transitions Adult Non-Fiction
Gosden, Chris Magic Adult Non-Fiction
Poumpouras, Evy Becoming Bulletproof Adult Non-Fiction
Sibley, David Allen What It's Like to Be a Bird Adult Non-Fiction
Colfer, Eoin Half Moon Investigations Audio
Tate, Christie Group Bio
Gaiman, Neal and Chris Riddell Pirate Stew JE (Picture Books)
Meisel, Paul You Poop Here JE (Picture Books)
Quackenbush, Robert Henry's Important Date JE (Picture Books)
Rex, Adam On Account of the Gum JE (Picture Books)
Rothman, Scott and Pete Oswald Attack of the Underwear Dragon JE (Picture Books)
Ward, Lindsay This Book is Gray JE (Picture Books)
Yolen, Jane and Joelle Dreidemy Interrupting Cow and the Chicken Crossing the Road JER (Early Reader)
De la Cruz, Melissa Never After: The Thirteenth Fairy Juvenile Fiction
de Panafier, Jean-Baptiste History of the World in Comics Juvenile Non-Fiction
Messner, Kate and Adam Rex The Next President Juvenile Non-Fiction

December 29, 2020

Author Title Category
Brown, Rita  Furmidable Foes Adult Fiction
Brown, Sandra  Thick As Thieves Adult Fiction
Collins, Manda A Lady's Guide to Mischief and Mayhem Adult Fiction
Connelly, Michael  The Law of Innocence Adult Fiction
Cornwell, Bernard War Lord Adult Fiction
Evans, Richard Paul The Noel Letters Adult Fiction
Green, Amy Lynn Things We Didn't Say Adult Fiction
James, Eloisa  My Last Duchess Adult Fiction
O'Leary, Beth The Switch Adult Fiction
Smiley, Jane  Perestroika in Paris Adult Fiction
Tchaikovsky, Adrian  The Doors of Eden Adult Fiction
Unger, Kimberly Nucleation Adult Fiction
Walter, Jess The Cold Millions Adult Fiction
Washington, Bryan  Memorial Adult Fiction
Cooper, Becky We Keep the Dead Close Adult Non-Fiction
Godin, Seth The Practice: Shipping Creative Work Adult Non-Fiction
Kotb, Hoda This Just Speaks to Me Adult Non-Fiction
Gbajabiamila, Akbar Everyone Can Be a Ninja Bio
Tenet DVD
The Crown Season 3 DVD
Mulan DVD
Haldar, Raj and Chris Carpenter No Reading Allowed JE (Picture Books)
Buyea, Rob  Goodbye Mr. Terupt Juvenile Fiction
Grabenstein, Chris  The Smartest Kid in the Universe Juvenile Fiction
King, Jonathan  The Inkberg Enigma Juvenile Fiction
Stilton, Thea  Thea Stilton and the Rainforest Rescue Juvenile Fiction
Sutton, Karah  A Wolf for a Spell Juvenile Fiction
Wolk, Lauren Echo Mountain Juvenile Fiction
Macgregor, Eloise  Be a Virus Warrior! Juvenile Non-Fiction
The Dalai Lama The Seed of Compassion Juvenile Non-Fiction
Bourne, Holly  It Only Happens in the Movies Teen Fiction
McManus, Karen M.  The Cousins Teen Fiction
Tahir, Sabaa  The Sky Beyond The Storm Teen Fiction
Joseph, Frederick  The Black Friend on Being a Better White Person Teen Non-Fiction

December 16, 2020

Author Title Category
Cline, Ernest Ready Player Two Adult Fiction
Goldin, Megan The Night Swim Adult Fiction
Robinson, Marilynne Jack Adult Fiction
Weiner, Jennifer Big Summer Adult Fiction
Dreher, Rod Live Not by Lies Adult Non-Fiction
Howard, Jonathan Multiple Sclerosis: questions and answers for patients and loved ones Adult Non-Fiction
Perlmutter, David Brain Wash: detox your mind Adult Non-Fiction
Jollet, Mikel Hollywood Park: A Memoir Bio
Allenby, Victoria Shape Up, Construction Trucks! Board Book
Lin, Grace What Will Fit? Board Book
Fatima DVD
Bill & Ted Face the Music DVD
Umrigar, Thrity Sugar in Milk JE (Picture Books)
Verdick, Elizabeth Small Walt Spots Dot JE (Picture Books)
Williamson, Sarah Elevator Bird JE (Picture Books)
Camerini, Valentina Greta's Story: The Schoolgirl who Went on Strike to Save the Planet Juvenile Bio
Delahaye, Rachel Little Animal Rescue: Little Penguin Rescue Juvenile Fiction
Delahaye, Rachel Little Animal Rescue: Little Lion Rescue Juvenile Fiction
Harrison, Paula Royal Rescues: The Snowy Reindeer Juvenile Fiction
Harrison, Paula Royal Rescues: The Lost Puppy Juvenile Fiction
Miles, Ellen The Puppy Place: MIKI Juvenile Fiction
Applegate, K.A Animorphs: The Graphic Novel- The Invasion Juvenile Graphic
Blabey, Aaron The Bad Guys: The One?! Juvenile Graphic
Peirce, Lincoln Max & the Midknights: Battle of the Bodkins Juvenile Graphic
Peirce, Lincoln Big Nate: The Gerbil Ate my Homework Juvenile Graphic
Pilkey, Dav Cat Kid: Comic Club Juvenile Graphic
Favilli, Elena Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World Juvenile Non-Fiction
Gutierrez, Jolene Bionic Beasts Juvenile Non-Fiction
Hirsch, Rebecca Living Fossils Juvenile Non-Fiction
Jenkins, Steve Solar System By the Numbers Juvenile Non-Fiction
Markle, Sandra The Great Bear Rescue: Saving the Gobi Bears Juvenile Non-Fiction
Phelan, Matt Turtle Walk Juvenile Non-Fiction
Sanchez, Anita Rotten: Vultures, Beetles, Slime, and Nature's Other Decomposers Juvenile Non-Fiction
Tahe, Rose Ann First Laugh Welcome, Baby! Juvenile Non-Fiction
Whitley, Jeremy School for Extraterrestrial Girls: Girl on Fire Teen Graphic

December 9, 2020

Author Title Category
French, Tana The Searcher Adult Fiction
Jones, Darynda  A Bad Day For Sunshine Adult Fiction
Nesbo, Jo  The Kingdom Adult Fiction
Minoui, Delphine  The Book Collectors Adult Non-Fiction
McConaughey, Matthew  Greenlights Bio
Seinfeld, Jerry  Is this Anything? Bio
Winspear, Jacqueline This Time Next Year We'll Be Laughing Bio
The Call of the Wild DVD
To Be Or Not To Be DVD
The Cheap Detective DVD
Ford v Ferrari DVD
Montgomery, Sy   Becoming a Good Creature JE (Picture Books)
Tarlow, Ellen Looking for Smile JE (Picture Books)
Bridges, Ruby This is Your Time Juvenile Bio
Blecher, Jennifer  Stick with Me Juvenile Fiction
Chokshi, Roshani  Aru Shah and the Tree of Wishes Juvenile Fiction
Hoffman, Cara  The Ballad of Tubs and Marshfield Juvenile Fiction
Metcalf, Lindsay H.  Farmers Unite Juvenile Non-Fiction
Montgomery, Heather L.  Who Gives a Poop Juvenile Non-Fiction
Black, Holly  How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories Teen Fiction
Chao, Gloria  Rent a Boyfriend Teen Fiction
Feasey, Steve  Dark Blade Teen Fiction
Flanagan, John Ranger's Apprentice The Royal Ranger The Missing Prince Teen Fiction
Gilliland, Raquel Vasquez  Sia Martinez and the Moonlit Beginning of Everything Teen Fiction
Joelson, Penny  The Girl Who Wasn’t There Teen Fiction
Johnson, Leah  You Should See Me in a Crown Teen Fiction
Lu, Marie  Skyhunter Teen Fiction
Meyer, Marissa  Instant Karma Teen Fiction
Wein, Elizabeth  The Enigma Game Teen Fiction
Yoon, David  Super Fake Love Song teen fiction
Bascomb, Neal  The Racers Teen Non-Fiction
Jensen, Kelly Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy Teen Non-Fiction

December 3, 2020

Author Title Category
Joyce, Rachel Miss Benson's Beetle Adult Fiction
Scheff, Matt Naomi Osaka Juvenile Bio
Patterson, James Dog Diaries - Curse of the Mystery Mutt Juvenile Fiction
Bassier, Emma Water Safety Juvenile Non-Fiction
Berne, Emma Carlson  25 Women Who Protected Their Country Juvenile Non-Fiction
Bodden, Valerie Amazing Animals Pandas Juvenile Non-Fiction
Bodden, Valerie Amazing Animals Owls Juvenile Non-Fiction
Brundle, Harriet Using Insulin Juvenile Non-Fiction
Coovert, JP Maker Comics - Draw a Comic! Juvenile Non-Fiction
de la Bédoyère, Camilla Curious Questions and Answers about Animals Juvenile Non-Fiction
de la Bédoyère, Camilla Curious Questions and Answers About Our Planet Juvenile Non-Fiction
Dubue, Marianne Your House My House Juvenile Non-Fiction
Dufresne, Emilie Poo In The Forest Juvenile Non-Fiction
Gilles, Renae Invasive Species In Infographics Juvenile Non-Fiction
Graham, Ian Curious Questions and Answers About The Solar System Juvenile Non-Fiction
Hessel-Mjal, Michael How Stem Built the Chinese Dynasties Juvenile Non-Fiction
Kaul, Jennifer Weird Inventions Juvenile Non-Fiction
Meister, Cari Who Wiggles This Tail Juvenile Non-Fiction
Regan, Lisa Dippy Dinosaur Joke Book Juvenile Non-Fiction
Riggs, Kate Amazing Animals Killer Whales Juvenile Non-Fiction
Riggs, Kate Amazing Animals Kangaroos Juvenile Non-Fiction
Riggs, Kate Amazing Animals Moose Juvenile Non-Fiction
Rooney, Anne Curious Questions and Answers About Science Juvenile Non-Fiction
Zimmerman, Adeline Dentist's Office Juvenile Non-Fiction

December 1, 2020

Author Title Category
Clark, Mary Higgins Piece Of My Heart Adult Fiction
Gregory, Phillippa Dark Tides Adult Fiction
Roberts, Nora The Awakening Adult Fiction
Sanderson, Brandon Rhythm of War Adult Fiction
Brady, Tom The TB12 Method Adult Non-Fiction
Fox, Michael J. No Time Like the Future Bio
Michaelis, David Eleanor Bio
Barrington, Gregory Cow Boy is Not a Cowboy JE (Picture Books)
Cabrera, Cozbi Me & Mama JE (Picture Books)
Copeland, Misty Bunheads JE (Picture Books)
Derby, Cindy Two Many Birds JE (Picture Books)
Graham, Bo Ellie's Dragon JE (Picture Books)
Hood, Morag Brenda is a Sheep JE (Picture Books)
John, Jory The Couch Potato JE (Picture Books)
Marino, Gianna We Will Live in This Forest Again JE (Picture Books)
Ostow, Micol Sullivan Who is Always Too Loud JE (Picture Books)
Page, Robin Seeds Move! JE (Picture Books)
Paul, Miranda Speak Up JE (Picture Books)
Pinkney, Jerry The Little Mermaid JE (Picture Books)
Yang, Kao The Most Beautiful Thing JE (Picture Books)
Kinney, Jeff Diary of a Wimpy Kid-The Deep End Juvenile Fiction
Smith, James Black Heroes of the Wild West Juvenile Graphic
Adler, David The Metric System Juvenile Non-Fiction
Bennett-Wallberg, Pam Great Grub from the Meerkat Café Juvenile Non-Fiction
Daly, D.E Life and Culture in the United States and Canada Juvenile Non-Fiction
Downs, Mike The Invention of the Combustion Engine Juvenile Non-Fiction
Hansen, Grace The Covid-19 Virus Juvenile Non-Fiction
Katirgis, Jane Insider Tips for Fishing in Lakes and Ponds Juvenile Non-Fiction
Keppeler, Jill The Unofficial Guide to Using Math in Minecraft Juvenile Non-Fiction
Keppeler, Jill The Unofficial Guide to Making Art in Minecraft Juvenile Non-Fiction
Keppeler, Jill The Unofficial Guide to Making Maps in Minecraft Juvenile Non-Fiction
Keppeler, Jill The Unofficial Guide to Studying Oceans in Minecraft Juvenile Non-Fiction
Khalid, Jinnow The U.S. Flag Stars And Stripes Forever Juvenile Non-Fiction
Laughlin, Kara What is a Pandemic? Juvenile Non-Fiction
McNeese, Tim Native American America-North America Before 1492 Juvenile Non-Fiction
Messner, Kate The Brilliant Deep: Rebuilding the world's coral reefs Juvenile Non-Fiction
Morlock, Rachael Life and Culture in Latin America Juvenile Non-Fiction
Ward, Jennifer How to Find a Bird Juvenile Non-Fiction

November 18, 2020

Author Title Category
Schwab, V.E. The Invisible Life of Addie Larue Adult Fiction
Yang, Susie White Ivy Adult Fiction
Thomas, Jan The Chicken Who Couldn't JE (Picture Books)
Barnett, Mac & Pizzoli, Greg Jack and Santa JER (Early Reader)
Willems, Mo I Want to Sleep Under the Stars JER (Early Reader)
Brallier, Max The Last Kids on Earth and the Skeleton Road Juvenile Fiction
Pilkey, Dave Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge of the Radioactive Robo-Boxers Juvenile Fiction
Rowling, J. K. The Ickabog Juvenile Fiction
Beaty, Andrea Sofia Valdez and the Vanishing Vote Juvenile Graphic
Clanton, Ben Happy Narwhalidays Juvenile Graphic
Galligan, Gale The Baby-Sitters Club: Logan Likes Mary Anne Juvenile Graphic
Dunmore, Evie Bringing Down the Duke Large Print Adult Fiction
Fowler, Therese Anna A Good Neighborhood Large Print Adult Fiction
Frey, Rea Because You're Mine Large Print Adult Fiction
Groen, Hendrik On the Bright Side Large Print Adult Fiction
Hibbert, Talia Get a Life, Chloe Brown Large Print Adult Fiction
Jalaluddin, Uzma Ayesha at Last Large Print Adult Fiction
Taylor, Patrick An Irish Country Family Large Print Adult Fiction
Vatner, Jonathan Carnegie Hill Large Print Adult Fiction
Gaga, Lady Channel Kindness Teen Non-Fiction

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