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Purpose: As a community service, the Library makes its Community Room available for use by nonprofit and civic groups when it is not being used for library-related activities. The library also makes selected other spaces available for reservation including the Children’s Area, Teen Area, Study Room, Michigan Room and Literacy Room. Separate applications are provided for those reservations with all Community Room policies applying to those spaces. The Study Room and Literacy Room have additional policy requirements.

Community Room Use:

  1. Non-profit and civic groups may use the Community Room for meetings or to present programs for the general public. Programs which are open to the general public must be open to all and must be non–soliciting. Groups using the Community Room must not disrupt the normal functions of the Library.
  2. All groups should reserve the room at least one month and no more than three months in advance at the Library’s customer service desk. Telephone reservations will not be permitted but groups may telephone to check on room availability. Person filling out the reservation form must return completed reservation form within 24 hours and that person will assume full responsibility for any damages to the facility or equipment and must be a registered library patron. This person may not be less than 18 years old. There is a fee for having food/beverage in the Community Room and the fee will be collected when the application is submitted. The reservation form may also be printed from the library’s web site, completed by the applicant, and faxed to the library. Library-related activities will be given priority when rooms are being scheduled. The Library should be notified about cancellations no later than 24 hours prior to the event. A cancellation fee will be charged for failure to cancel a reservation and no further reservations can be honored until the fee is paid. The Library reserves the right to cancel any meeting due to inclement weather.
  3. Reservations will be held one-half hour past the scheduled time before the room may be released for other uses. The reserving party will owe the non-cancellation fee but may still use the Community Room if not in use.
  4. Reservation of roof garden use must be indicated when scheduling a room.
  5. The Library will provide tables and chairs required by the group or organization.   If set-up is needed, complete the diagram on the reservation application. If set-up is not indicated on the reservation application, library staff will not leave their assigned duties to assist in set-ups. Do not move the room divider without staff present.
  6. Library audio/visual equipment use must be requested on the reservation application. Library films used must be obtained for use through normal library circulation procedures. Staff will turn on AV projectors as needed.
  7. Meetings may not begin before the Library opens for normal business and must be concluded 15 minutes before the Library closes. Meetings cannot be held on days that the Library is closed. Occasionally events may be held outside library hours with prior arrangements for staffing approved by the Library Administrator.
  8. No fee is charged for the use of the Community Room; however groups serving food or beverages will be charged a fee to assist with the cost of cleaning the Community Room prior to its next use.

Rules and responsibilities:

  1. Hastings Public Library provides smoke-free facilities and grounds.
  2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited in the Library.
  3. The storage of any materials in the Community Room is prohibited unless the group has made prior arrangements with the library staff..
  4. A kitchenette is used solely for library programming/activities.
  5. Refreshments provided must be eaten inside the Community Room.
  6. Adult supervision is required when minors are using the room.
  7. Normal operation of the Library is not to be disrupted by users of the Community Room.
  8. Groups may not exceed the capacity of the Community Room.
  9. Users of the roof garden must not walk on garden and must stay off the wall.
  10. Materials are not to be attached to walls, windows, doors, or furnishings except at the direction of authorized Library staff.
  11. Promotional or informational materials may not be left in the Community Room and the name, address or telephone number of the Hastings Public Library may not be used as the contact person in any informational material.
  12. Groups are prohibited from making statements that indicate library sponsorship.
  13. Parking is available on State St., the north side of the library, and the city lot by the fire station.


  1. Violations of this policy will result in cancellation of Community Room privileges.
  2. The Library is not liable for injuries to people, damage to their property, or loss of property belonging to individuals or groups using the Community Room.
  3. The Library will maintain statistics on meeting room use.

To Download Community Room Application Click Here 


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    • Our Community Room occupancy is 119 when there are tables and 254 Chairs only. We can also leave two sets of double doors open and have listening room in the hallway.

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