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Ancestry Library Edition will NOT work OUTSIDE the
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   Whether you are charting your family tree, researching your
   ancestry or seeking information on family or social history, the
   resources you’ll find in this gateway will get you started or
   move you forward in your quest.

FamilySearch.org is a non-profit service sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Here anyone can get assistance in finding their ancestors and preserving their family histories. For over 100 years the Church has been actively gathering and preserving genealogical records worldwide thus making it possible to provde this service today.
Genealogy Search Online. Free Family Tree Searches. 26,000 Genealogy Databases. Discover Your Family History and Build Your Family Tree.


Genealogy Club

Genealogy Club members volunteer their time to answer research questions sent to the Library about family history or other genealogical information. Club members maintain Barry County records and other local materials at the Library and actively seek to enrich these holdings through contributions, original indexing work, and purchases. Cemetery records and newspaper indexes are a key part of these holdings.

For Genealogy Information Request, please provide the information listed below (or as much of it as you have) in the “Leave a Reply” box below.

    • Your Name:
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    • Your Address (if you want us to send you the results of our research):
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    • Other Information:

Your email, name, phone, address, and information, will NOT be posted publicly.   HOWEVER, if you don’t give us this information, we cannot get back with you with answers to your questions and/or request further clarification.

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