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1. Participants must be between the ages of 7-12 years old.

2. Minimum length of essay 100 words.

3. Essays must be entirely written by participants.

4. Essays must be turned in to Hastings Public Library by November 11, 2017.

5. Voting will start on November 12, 2017.

6. Votes can be cast on line at www.hastingsjingleandmingle.com or at the Hastings Public Library.

7. Winners will be announced on November 22, 2017.

8. Top two essayists (boy & girl) will be crowned Hastings Jingle & Mingle Prince & Princess and will ride in the Rotary Christmas parade.

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“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Well Christmas isn’t about gifts or buying things.  It’s about being around the dinner table with all of your family laughing so hard your stomach starts to hurt.  Or hearing Christmas carols on the radio while you’re putting up Your Christmas tree.  Even dancing with your baby cousins and older siblings and just having a good time.

Another one of my favorite thing around Christmas time is to decorate.  I love drinking hot cocoa and watching it snow.  While putting garland on the staircase.  Not to forget wrapping things.  Even sleeping in my reindeer pajamas gets me in the Christmas spirit.  Not to mention wearing Christmas shirts almost every single day.

But the most important reason is Jesus.  After all Christmas is his birthday.  He even named it see Christ-masse.  So it’s a time to celebrate the Lord.  You can toast to the Lord or go to church.  So while some people are going to church or waking up to Christmas presents from Santa.  We all have the Christmas spirit.

To conclude I hope you agreed and enjoyed my article.

Written by: Ellie Payne

School: Barry County Christian School

Age: 11     Essay #1


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

What it means to me is that you have Christmas Eve dinner with your family and then you get to choose one present to open early.  The next day you go to breakfast with your family then go to the park and play in the snow.

Then at 11:30 a.m. we go to a restaurant and we stay for an hour, eat and warm up.

Then we go to gramas house and sing a few Christmas songs and at 5:30 p.m. we eat Christmas dinner and then at 6:30 p.m. we go downstairs and open presents and then we get ready to go to sleep and then we sleep in and then when all of us wake up we have breakfast then go home.

And that’s what the Christmas spirit means to me!

Written by: Katelynn Orvis

School: Star School

Age: 10     Essay #2


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

My name is Sedona Jones.  I am ten and I love Christmas because it is Jesus birthday and it is close to my birthday.  Oh and we cannot forget about the presents, all of those nice boxes and ribbons.  I love the tree too and lots of time with family.

The tree has to be perfect, not too fat, not too skinny, not too tall, not too short.  And so, when we go to get a Christmas tree the good ones are always gone.  So I go out in my field and get one myself.  Trees are very heavy let me tell you.

It is tradition on Christmas morning to go outside together and make a snow man with my family.  The snowman has to be very tall!  And there is Christmas break.  So there is no school, yay!

I also love music, and since I love Christmas, I love Christmas music!  And a really funny thing is that right after Halloween night they play Christmas music when we have not even had Thanksgiving ye.  But, I cannot blame them.  I love the Christmas spirit!

And now, of all the things that Christmas brings, it brings friends and families together, and happiness and memories, very good memories.  And Christmas reminds me that I was born in Alaska.  It was cold there and there was always snow and ice at Christmas and a moose could just walk over your car and think it was a snow hill but you would think you need better car insurance.

I love to look around outside and see all of the cool masterpiece’s and how the snow shines like diamonds and everyone is happy when it is winter and Christmas and we are all together.

Everyone is happy except for the grumpy man next door who didn’t like our Christmas cookies.  And you know what they say, it isn’t over until the fat lady sings, or in this case the fat man, not my neighbor and not the man who goes down the chimney.

I am talking about the one who goes around on a sled pulled by horses and drops presents on people’s front doors around the town but he does not wear red and white.  He is a really nice guy and his name is Saint Nicholas.  And now to all a good night.

Written by: Sedona Opal Jones

School: Barry County Christian School

Age:     Essay #3


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Can you smell the sweet smell of pine, the dinner in the oven and the music on the radio?  Everybody knows Christmas traditions, the music, the parade, the gifts that’s great and all.  But, Christmas is a whole lot more.  The memories and the quality family time.  I love this time of year.  Now that you have that image in your head.  Let’s get to it!

The first thing on my list is Christmas music!  Now you’ve got the traditional like Jingle Bells, Silent Night, have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and Away in a Manger.  But as you listen to the radio try and think about what is good in your life and why you haven’t become a famous singer yet.  But, the music isn’t just for dancing and singing.  To some people the lyrics are meaningful.  They bring out the Christmas spirit.

Mmmmm, do you smell that smell?  That is the smell of dinner in the oven.  When you eat that amazing food made by parents and grandparents.  That’s the perfect meal.  What is your favorite Christmas food?  The Christmas feast is what I look forward to most in the Holiday Season.  I love the food my mom and grandma make.  While the women are slaving away in the kitchen the men are watching football in the living room and the kids are in the basement playing.  When we come up we shut off the tv and pull the men out of the living room and eat. YUM!

Now most of the traditions are gingerbread houses, decorating the tree and cookie baking.  Do you know what they all have in common?  They all include spending time with family!  Whether it’s your parents, siblings, Aunts, Uncles or even pets.  You should always spend time with family on the holidays.  FYI Do not be Ebenezer Scrooge!!!  Got that? Good.  So, the Christmas spirit is a good feeling you get when you help others.

Time to cheer for the man that brought you Christmas, Jesus Christ!  Now, if you think about it, we wouldn’t have Christmas without Christ.  So Hallelujah!  I mean his name is right there in the name CHRIST-mas.  The story as you know it, Mary was visited by an angel, became pregnant, journeyed to Bethlehem, gave birth to baby Jesus in a manger.  But the Holiday season isn’t just receiving gifts but giving them.  When you receive a gift you are grateful but when you give a gift you feel good about yourself.

Finally, we enter our conclusion.  I hope you got a glimpse of what the Christmas Spirit means to me.  I hope you have a happy Holiday and a happy New Year!  Merry Christmas!

Written by: Bella Kensington

School: Northeastern

Age: 11     Essay #4


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

What Christmas means to me is the birth of Jesus Christ.  All the bright Christmas cool lights they are pretty.  All of the joy makes me happy.  What about all those yummy smells?  I love the smell of cookies yum!  The only reason why we celebrate Christmas is Jesus birth which he’s our savior.  I am so thankful for him.  He helps us be safe.  The only reason why we get presents because of the 5 wise men but is not fair because we get more presents, but that was back then.  When it is Christmas morning my brother and I run out and wake up my mommy and Daddy.  Then we run back up and sit in front of the Christmas tree and wait for present time.

The best part is the cinnamon rolls.  Another best part is the good smell of the fresh scent of pine cones. And fresh pine wreaths.  The good scent of candles “sniff sniff”.  Another best part is the building snowmen and snow forts.  Time with family playing games.  Also seeing everyone get so excited to get their gifts including pet’s like my dog Abby.  Last year Santa got her a dog bed.  She was so happy and she love it.

J It’s so weird I just get so excited just to see what’s under the wrapping.  I like seeing cool, cool, cool inflatables like my neighbor has a Grinch coming out of the chimney.  My Grandma and Grandpa have Rudolf and a manger set.  Christmas is a good holiday.  Plus, you get to throw snowballs at each other.  And build big snow ice ball’s and sit on them.  When you decorate the tree and when you decorate your own ornament.  Every house looks pretty with the lights on trees and outside of the houses.

Written by: Alexia Owen

School: Southeastern

Age: 10     Essay #5


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Christmas was the day Jesus was born.  There is a verse that says, “For unto us a child is born, for unto us a son is given and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of peace.”  There is one more verse.  It is “For God so love the world that he gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life”.  Christmas, also means to me seeing family.  We gather together at my house and my Grandma’s.  The Randall side comes to my house.  We go to my Grandma Putman’s.  the spirit of Christmas means to me, giving to my friends and family.  It’s fun to feel the love of giving the gifts.  I almost forgot the references to the verses I told you.  It is Isaiah 9:6 and the other one in John 3:16 and that what Christmas means to me the most.

Written by: Lilly Randall

School: Northeastern

Age: 8     Essay #6


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

The Christmas Spirit means Jesus came as a baby to take away our sins.  He is a very special gift and I say that Jesus is the best.  We should give Him glory every Christmas.  He loves that.  It would be nice every Christmas to invite lonely people or even your neighbors to celebrate with you.  He loves that too.  We should let everyone know that it is ok to give to others.  It is fun to give to others because giving to others make me happy.  It makes me happy because I am spreading joy to everyone.  That is what the Christmas Spirit means to me.

Written by: Aundrea M. Strong

School: Barry County Christian School

Age: 11     Essay #7


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

What does the Christmas Spirit mean to me?  It doesn’t mean gifts and it doesn’t mean food.  It means giving that’s why it is called “the season of giving”.  It’s not what you get it is what you give.  You help people that need help.  I love helping and giving during this time.  It makes me feel good.  I help all the time anyways.  Christmas is always the time to help and give.  By helping you can help with making dinner.  By giving you can give family and friends presents.  Christmas is time to give and help others.  That is what the Christmas spirit means to me.

Written by: Brooklynn Fields

School: Northeastern

Age: 10     Essay #8


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Christmas means a lot to me because it celebrates Jesus and it shows him we care about him too and not just that we care about ourselves.  And it is not just about getting presents.  And you can spend time with your family and you can get things that you need and you can get some things that you kind of need but also don’t need it you just want.  You just want to make because you think that it looks cool because you saw it somewhere.  You might get things you don’t expect because you have been so incredibly good or even just good.  It can also help people that do not have a house because they are poor. I feel bad for the people in need.

Written by: Sierra Hester

School: Central

Age: 8     Essay #9


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Christmas is not about getting it’s about giving.  Giving is a great thing so is caring and appreciating.  I think that giving is about helping, appreciating, loving, understanding and giving things.

Getting to spend time with your family.  Spending time with Family and Friends is great especially when certain people come on Christmas from lots of places to come and spend time with me.  What about you?

Family meals are great.  Anyways I think so.  When you eat a family meals do you feel?  Good, bad, happy, sad, thankful or blessed?  I feel good, happy and thankful.  I love family meals because it is so great to see all your family members and to eat grandmas famous pie or eat your favorite dish on Christmas.

Christmas is a great time to celebrate family traditions.  Like traveling, certain food, games, certain people and lots of other traditions.  Some things not everyone does and that is ok.  My favorited is playing games with my cousins.  Traditions are a wonderful thing that helps make a happy Christmas.

Christmas is not just about presents.  It’s a lot more than presents.  I’m not say that getting presents under the tree is bad you just have to appreciate what you get.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Written by: Tryniti Hester

School: Central

Age: 10     Essay #10


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Ahhhh this hot cocoa tastes so good.  Guess what time of year it is?  Well I will tell you, it is CHRISTMAS!  Christmas is the best, I mean best time of the year in my opinion.  What is your favorite time of year?  Mine is Christmas because the pretty snow and you get to see all of your family plus presents.  But that is not all, you get to have fun in the snow.  But it is mainly about friends and family not about presents and stuff.  To some people it is though.

Have you ever seen a Christmas tree?  Well I have.  When you put all of your ornaments on your Christmas tree and you put your lights on it it’s like you are in a wonder land.  If you sit under it with your warm hot cocoa and blanket and the read a book too.  You can send so much time with your family on Christmas every December.  By the way what is your favorite toping on your hot cocoa?  Mine is chocolate syrup and marshmallows.  Ahhhh that brings me back to good old times when me and my family would sit on the couch and drink hot cocoa.  When you were 5 or 10 did you sit on your family’s couch and drink hot cocoa?  We also used to sled down big hills.  Did you

ever do any of this?  We also would make igloos’ and me and my old dog Duce would go inside after.   It was so fun.  Did you ever do this stuff?  Well we did it every Christmas.  We always read the “Night before Christmas” every Christmas eve.  It got to be a tradition.  We also throw SNOWBALLS.

Written by: Meya Hughes

School: Northeastern

Age: 10     Essay #11


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

It’s Christmas Eve!  Its Christmas Eve.  I LOVE CHRISTMAS.  Last year I go pottery stuff I wonder what I’ll get.  But Christmas is not just to get it’s to give!!!!

I love wrapping presents for my grandma.  It feels so good.  I wake up and see snow.  But something happened.  I know I should be at school.  I asked my parents, they yelled “it’s a SNOW DAY”!!!!  After lunch I ask can I go outside.  Yes, I went outside.  I jumped in a pile of snow and also had a snow fight.  It’s cold, I have to go inside.  I need hot cocoa can I dad?  Go ahead, mmmm thanks it’s so delish.  I put marshmallows and little pieces of candy cane.

Christmas time we all wake up and we went to the tree.  My Dad gave all of us 1 present and my stepmom got a picture of us.  Opening it then we dove into all of the presents.

It’s getting so close to Christmas.  I love spending time with my family.  I’m excited!!

Written by: Miranda Smith

School: Northeastern

Age: 11     Essay #12


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Do you smell the hot cocoa?  What is your favorite topping on hot cocoa?  Mine is chocolate syrup and marshmallows.

The snow is so pretty especially when it hits the trees.  When the Christmas tree lights up you think of presents and God.  You play the night of Christmas Eve.  Spend time with your family and have fun.  Getting with loved ones and singing Christmas songs.  Drinking hot cocoa next to the tree.  Reading a Christmas story before going to bed.  Then waking up to a Christmas tree lit up with presents underneath the tree.  And people’s faces while opening presents you can’t even think of the reactions.  And thanking God before eating Christmas dinner.  Then going sledding with your friends and family.

My favorite part is when I’m with my family and surrounded by loved ones.  That is what I think Christmas is all about.

Written by: Kalli Koning

School: Northeastern

Age: 10    Essay #13


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

I LOVE Christmas!  I mean who in the world doesn’t (except for some adults because adults have to spend money and time on a party)?  Even winter just gives you that warm snuggly vibe!  Anyways, let’s get to the Christmas Spirit.

Winter means warm clothes, cold temperatures, hot cocoa and hard labor with snow plowing.  But Christmas is kind of an adults’ day off of being stressed (except for getting set up).  For kids Christmas means ganging up with your cousins, doing pranks and games and spending time with people that you see once a year.  Even though Christmas involves chaos it is still special to me.

I love, love, love seeing the family I only see on Christmas because even though I only see them once a year they are still very special to me!

The Christmas spirit to me mainly means spending time with family and bonding with them.  I have my best days on Christmas.  For adults, Christmas is more like the one time in a year that they get to see the people they had the best times with when they were little people until they turn into big people and the family starts moving away.

In my perspective on Christmas, I have the most spirit for Christmas because I keep on bugging my mom about decorating the house and making a cozier home to prepare for Christmas and winter.

On Christmas in my family we have my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, my little cousins and my old cousins come over for a little party but a week or 2 later we have a huge party with all of my family members in it to celebrate Christmas.  Which is very good do I can celebrate with both sides of the family.

I usually am the hog over all of the little people and say “aww” whenever they make a cute face.  Also like most people I have that little voice for toddlers and babies.  This is another reason why I love Christmas so much.

In conclusion I will always have a love for Christmas from the warm, snug vibe to the family you see once a year.  I’m pretty sure I’m speaking for a bunch of people.  What is the Christmas spirit to you?

Written by: Isabel Gee

School: Northeastern

Age: 10     Essay #14


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

When I think of the Christmas Spirit, I think of family and friends.  But, when I was younger, I thought it was all about the presents.  But now I know it’s not.  What does the Christmas Spirit mean to me you may ask?  Well I will tell you.  So what the Christmas Spirit means to me is…. SPENDING TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!  That is what the Christmas spirit means to me.  It’s not all about the presents, it’s about family.

On Christmas me and my family usually (when we get out of bed) we usually get into pjs and we open presents.  After we do that we just chillax and watch Christmas movies.  Well I don’t exactly watch the movies but my family does.  I just sit there and play with my presents.  And we have cinnamon rolls for breakfast (homemade).  Those are our family traditions.

I have a very unique/special Christmas. I’ll tell you about that right now.  So every other year I spend a holiday with both of my family’s.  And this year I’m spending Christmas Eve with my step mom and Christmas day with my mom.  With my mom I do fun stuff like open presents and maybe sometimes play Minecraft with my big brother.  We also always go to my grandma’s house and spend the Christmas with my g-ma and my cousins come over and aunt and uncles too!!

As I continue to grow up, and I hope we keep the family traditions we have.  Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Written by: Jamie Metzger-Miller

School: Northeastern

Age: 11     Essay #15


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Here is a boy who has the most Christmas spirit.  What Christmas spirit means to me is that my birthday is on Christmas.  So that is why I have a lot of spirit.  I share a birthday with God’s son Jesus.  I am so happy that I have a savior looking down on me.  Do you know something else that I like? Snow.  Snow is the most amazing think in the world.  People love to make snowmen.  They are the most fun.  They have a lot of Christmas spirit in them because families put love and hard work into them. Some things that only comes one time a year so Christmas spirit means a lot in my family.

Every year my family goes to my grandpa’s house and play fun games like “what do you smell, hide and seek, and the best game of all opening presents”.  My favorite present was a hover board, a PS4 and a baby brother.  My brother’s name is King David-Kyulu Burgess.  I wanted to name him Dre but my dad named him King.

One year when I was at my grandpa’s house for Christmas he gave everyone $200.00 With the money my family got we went to Disney world.  We had so much fun at Disney World.  We went on Space Mountain, rockin and rollin, and the most fun ride in my opinion is the Tower of Teary.  We paid for 4 days and got 2 days free.  When we were leaving we stopped at some gift shops for some shoes, t-shirts, socks, pants,

sweet pants, sweaters and other stuff but I can’t remember what else we got.  A couple of months later we drove to Florida.  We only stopped at one hotel so my mom could lay down for the night.  In the morning we got breakfast.  After breakfast we got back on the road to go to Florida.  We only spent 3 or 4 days there.  I had an awesome time because I got to ride my hover board.  My dad’s friends were jealous because we had hover boards.

Written by: Deondre Mathis

School: Northeastern

Age: 10     Essay #16


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

When I think of Christmas spirit, it means family, food, and friends.  Every Christmas Eve we go to church with my family to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  When church is done we go back to my grandparent’s house to have a special Christmas Eve dinner.  Everyone sits around my grandparent’s large dining room table.  Our Christmas Eve dinner has been a tradition for us for many, many years.  It’s been passed down from my great great-grandparents.  For dinner, we have pierogis, fish, and pea soup.

We help people from church and the community.  We help with packing food baskets for people in need to have a good special Christmas dinner.  I like to help serve Christmas dinners at the local food bank.  This is how the Christmas Spirit means to me.  What does the Christmas spirit mean to you?

Written by: Christian Boniface

School: Southeastern

Age: 11     Essay #17

“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

Have you ever made a snowman?  You may think that a snowman is just 3 balls put together if you do yours wrong.  A snowman has a spirit, a family spirit because if a family makes a snowman it’s a family bond.

Alright let’s stop talking about snow let’s talk about the ones you love, the food you eat and the gifts that you wish for and the ones you give.  What do you do with the ones that you love on Christmas?  I get up at 5:00 a.m. to get my dad and mom up so I can see what Santa got me.  Then after I get food and go to my grandpa’s house.  I open up gifts there.  He was the one that told me that Santa wasn’t real.  Sometimes I have to spend the night at my grandpa’s on Christmas because the power will go out.  But he has a generator so we were warm.

Do you smell that pie on the table?  My favorite pie is Cherry pie.  What’s yours?  For my family we eat a lot of food.  We have ham, pie, brownies and lots more.  When we eat all of that we don’t eat for the rest of the night.

What did you wish for?  I wish for a dirt bike and I got one.  So if you want a gift you have to be good or Santa will skip your house and you won’t get your gifts.  My family does secret elephant.  It’s fun to see what people get.  I got about 25 gifts in all that’s a lot of gifts to me.

So if you still think a snowman is only 3 balls of snow, you missed the point of my essay.  The Christmas spirit is what makes it may favorite time of the year.  What’s yours?

Written by: Draven Pennock

School: Northeastern

Age: 10     Essay #18


“What the Christmas Spirit means to me”

What the Christmas Spirit means to me is that I love that people come together to see family members.

I like to look at Christmas lights that are everywhere.

I love riding on the holly trolley.

I like catching snowflakes on my tongue.

I love that there is no school on Christmas!!!!

I love the Christmas trees.

I love the Christmas songs.

I would love to be the Jingle and Mingle Princess because Christmas is my favorite holiday.

Written by: Adyson Curcio

School: Northeastern

Age: 8     Essay #19