Board Meetings

Hastings Public Library Board Meets

When: Every First Monday of the Month at 4:30pm

Where:  Hastings Michigan Public Library (Community Room) (map)

Description:The Board welcomes anyone who wishes to come and share their insights about the library

Board of Directors for Hastings Public Library


Kelli Newberry-President, Hastings Charter Township, ex officio all committees, term expires:12/31/2019

Jordan Brehm-Vice President, Hastings City, Marketing, building & grounds, term expires:12/31/2019

Robbin Bates-Secretary, Rutland Township, building & grounds, term expires: 12/31/2017

Robert Becker Jr-Hastings City, budget & finance, term expires: 12/31/2018

Kim Bosma-Rutland Township, budget & finance, term expires:12/31/2018

Doris Hale-Hastings Township, Policy, Personnel, term expires:12/31/2018

David Koons-Hastings City, policy, term expires:12/31/2017 (finishing term on an empty seat)

John Resseguie-Hastings City, building & Grounds, term expires:12/31/2019

Courtney Ziny- Hastings City, marketing, personnel, term expires:12/31/2017


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