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If you are unable to attend the Hastings Public Library Wine Paring Event and want to bid on our spectacular baskets! You now can!Patrons who will not be attending the Event, may place bids on the baskets before the Wine Pairing. You need to know the following:

  • There is a list of all the baskets on the counter.
  • All of the baskets are displayed except two that will come down today (Up on the Woof Top and Mexican Fiesta) and I am waiting on (The Staff of Life and St. Andrews Golf Basket). They are listed on the Basket List with no estimated value.
  • There are bid sheets on the counter.

o   Patrons must put down their name and phone number as well as the name of the basket they are bidding on and the amount they are bidding.

o   In case they ask, in prior Basket Auctions, we have seldom had a basket go for less than the estimated value.

  • They need to place their sheet (one sheet to an envelope) in the envelope, seal it, and write the name of the basket on the outside. There should be a basket on the counter behind the Customer Service desk and you can place their bids in that basket.
  • In case they ask: the envelopes will be placed under the baskets at the Wine Pairing. At the close of the Silent Auction, the envelopes will be opened to see if the pre-bid is larger than the final Silent Auction bid. If it is, the Pre-Bid will win the auctioned basket.
  • However, if we are unable to reach the person who submitted the Pre-Bid, the basket will be awarded to the highest Silent Auction bid.’Basket bidding
    26 baskets Full article at the bottom has basket discriptions

    26 baskets
    Full article at the bottom has basket descriptions

    basket pages 1 & 2basket pages 2 & 3
    basket page 4

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